Courses In City Academy Law College

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L.L.B (3 Years)

Duration : 3 Years
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L.L.B (5 Years)

Duration : 5 Years

The past decade has seen a mini revolution in the Legal Services Sector with the greatest impact on the Corporate Legal arena. Activities in Project Finance, Intellectual Property Protection, Environmental Protection, Competition Law, Corporate Taxation, Infrastructure Contracts, Corporate Governance and Investment Law were almost unknown prior to the 1990’s.

The curriculum at our College is novel, innovative and designed to keep students equipped and up-to-date with the skills needed in the profession. This enables the students to develop a multidisciplinary approach to law in the sense that law and other behavioural sciences are seen in their context and their functional interaction with society.

The Faculty intends to achieve unparalleled excellence in the arena of legal education. Persistent efforts have been made to attain the goal of amalgamation of law students and the society in the most productive manner possible. All the activities of the teachers and the subjects taught aim at enhancing the eternal principles of justice.