Management Message

Mr. M. M. Srivastava (Founder)

I congratulate you on stepping into the portals of City Group of Colleges, an institution that was ‘Built by Excellence, Backed by Experience’. The college, in its endeavor to ensure competence at all levels of education, intends to maintain high standards in terms of teaching-learning, research, faculty and infrastructure.

The reputation of an institution of higher learning is based on the character and performance of individuals who work and live in it, i.e.,  the teachers and students; There can be distractions and setbacks in the making of an institution. There can be challenges which may appear formidable. But, those who have the will, determination and perseverance shall overcome the difficulties and attain higher levels of achievement in the pursuit of excellence. This is the lesson of history which City Group of Colleges has assimilated in its work culture.

Dr. Mamta Srivastava (Director)

We are living in an age of uncertainty, change and competition. Today’s environment moves fast and modern systems have to encourage flexibility, initiative and empowerment. City Group of Colleges emphasizes the all-round development of its students. It aims at producing not only good professionals, teachers, but worthy citizens of a great Country, aiding in its overall progress and development. I am proud to introduce these premier institutions of learning where we endeavor to equip our students with the knowledge and skills that lead to graduate employability.

We are committed to delivering an outstanding learning experience to our Students such that the value add is maximized from their entry to exit. The programs are based on the state of art theory and contemporary practices to enable the students to face the challenges of the future. The is thus designed to impart knowledge and skills, both functional and integrative, to the Students to make them leaders in the upcoming years.

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