Dr. Arun K. Srivastava

4Management as a profession and career has experienced a spectacular change in recent years. The industry need for management professionals, who can make a significant contribution to the success of an enterprise, both at individual and corporate levels has sky rocketed.
We at City College of Management aspire to create such personalities & leaders with an established sense of pride, to convert hopes and aspiration into integrity of purpose and commitment for performance. We leave no stone unturned in our process of developing such personalities among our students in order to make them successful at their personal levels as well as at professional levels.
Corporate today are becoming increasingly employee conscious, each individual has to harness an overall growth of diverse competencies. Prospective management students must therefore ensure, from their professional management programs, a plethora of academics along with a rich fusion of knowledge and skills, necessary to impact their growth exponentially, as contemporary leaders.

Various teaching & learning methodologies like regular classroom learnings, discussions, presentations, guest lectures, industrial visits and exchange of theories, models, research are adopted for developing the managerial competencies among the students. Inviting all the prospective students at City College of Management for a successful management Career.

Dr. Ram Avtar Singh

4Law, legal education and development have become inter-related concepts in modern developing society like India which is aiming to ameliorate the socio- economic condition of the people by peaceful means and to establish social welfare state. In a democratic country like India, where rule of law is the driving force for the Government, legal education assumes great significance. It is the crucial function of legal education to produce lawyers and policy makers with a social vision in a developing country like India.
The substance of these disciplines and their concerns are integrated appropriately in the syllabus of courses prescribed in the Institute of Law. This approach in legal education is the rationale for awarding a composite and integrated degree of B.A., LL.B. (Hons.),and LL.B. (3 YRS) at the graduate level and LL.M at the post –graduation level. The objects of the Institute of Law are not merely limited to preparing competent and conscientious members of the legal profession. It is expected to advance and disseminate knowledge of law and legal processes in the context of national development. Consequently, it shall be the endeavor of the Institute of Law to look at law as an instrument of social change and well-being. It is also part of the object of the College of Law to inculcate in every student a sense of responsibility towards and respect for human life, besides developing in them the highest standards of professional behavior and personal integrity.

With the help of well qualified in-house faculty, visiting experts, we at the institute strive hard to create an excellent teaching-learning environment so that the students will be able to unfold their potential to the fullest. The students of this Institute can proudly compare themselves with the products of leading law schools of the world as pedagogy of teaching and research is carried in an integrated and holistic manner.

Basis Training Certificates


I welcome you on behalf of the CADC and thank you for showing your interest in our ” Excellence and Values”, which are our guiding principles reflected in every activity of the Institute. The founders and patrons, have always emphasised on the adherence to excellence, ethics and values in the educational institutions established by them. We take care to inculcate these values among our students while shaping and sharpening their mindsets by the academic rigor of our programmes. Due emphasis is placed on exposing our students to real-life situations of the world and facilitating interaction with the best minds in the industry and with those who have helped achieve their missions with strong ethical undertones.

Students are always encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in their personality so that they spot opportunities, mobilize resources and develop innovative solutions to the critical problems of today. CGC provides a transformational experience to its students who are expected to maintain the highest standard of personal integrity, professional commitment and business ethics. Life at the campus of the institute is a fantastic social experience which develops a sense of belongingness to the community among students and makes cross-cultural interaction easier in their future lives. It is a community that continues to grow the bond even when the days of campus life are over.

City College of I.T.I

Inspired by a new vision of harmonious culture and combining the best elements in the cultures of the East with the Arts and Sciences of West, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Educational Society founded the City Academy Group of Colleges, a reputed institute for Professional and Management Studies.

The governing body of the college has a vast experience in academics and the corporate world. The institute is endeavoring to develop an extraordinary class of professionals with leadership qualities who are most suited to the corporate world with their excellent attitudes.

This pious mission and farsighted vision of the College is to develop itself as a hub of excellence in Value Based education and research which convert human talent into the proactive professionals with the preference of our moral, social and ethical values with high standards. The academy pursues the ideals of training of minds and quest for knowledge and of healthy life.

We lay great emphasis on mental and physical discipline and train the students to abide by the rules of discipline within the classroom and also outside in their everyday life.

Dr. Anurag Prakash

In the highly competitive world of today, there is a pressing need to produce dynamic minds who can adapt to the changing environment and complex situations prevalent in today’s workspaces with innovation and guile. The CGC is also conscious of its social responsibility in strengthening India’s vulnerable shoots: the Indian Youth.
Today, careers are no longer chalked out as a set way of life as days of yore. Young adults such as the ones who grace our halls of learning are at an important juncture in their lives, where they can make a decision as vital as to choose a course as a stepping stone for the future. Of course, it is a tough choice to make but the outstanding and exemplary set by the college makes it easier.
Since the mission of the Group is to impart quality education, it constantly strives to attract the best faculty and the most motivated of students and provide good infrastructure and a secure, fertile and supportive environment in its Institutions. The Group, in-fact, continues to look for excellence in every aspect of its activities to develop the students into leaders of tomorrow who will make name not only for themselves but also for their Institution and nation.
I take pleasure in welcoming all those young men and women aspiring to excel, in the years ahead, to join any of these prestigious courses as appropriate to their requirements. We are extremely comfortable and happy responding to your queries and providing guidance to the young aspirants.